what is deeper together?

Over the last couple of months, I’ve been learning to share more vulnerably. To open my journals and let others see these words that spill over from the Word. Small steps (instagram and FB posts) led to bigger steps (handwritten “grace notes” left with friends I was leaving), culminating in a morning just a few days ago: where words on this weighty intimacy that relationships require overwhelmed me as I opened to a new book of the Bible to study. I wrote a few words, and then a few more:

“I don’t want to miss these depths. Not with Him. And not with His people, either. So. It’s time to open up these pages to more than my own eyes.”

You see, I’ve been writing for ages. My thoughts on the Word and my thoughts of prayer are hidden in journals scattered across the last couple of years, now kept safely in a box that I call the “in case of fire, grab this” box. I’ve been praying for community in those pages, while holding myself back from community by keeping those prayers and words there.

That morning, a dream was born. I tucked it at the end of the post, a small invitation to study the book of Lamentations together. I’ve been debating how to make this happen and waiting on God to show me how. This morning, I woke up, drank coffee, and said, “okay. let’s look at wordpress.com.” And here we are.

My desire for this simple website is to cultivate community that is centered around the Word and is not afraid to go deeper together. Most believers would say that they want to grow, but few are willing to grow in communion with others. It takes work. Openness. Extreme vulnerability. But it is one of the most “worth-it” things we can ever imagine. Let’s do this.


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